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Neer Nikunj Water Park

A World Full of Fun, Delight And Wonder

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Rip Curl

Whether you are riding with a friend on a double tube, or by yourself, this popular tube slide sends you on a wet, winding, and FUN adventure, down a wave of cool water.

Wave Pool

Gallons of cool fresh water, alternating between ocean waves and calm, where you can swim, ride your tube, play in the pool or just lay lazily in the pool... the choice is yours!

Multi Slides

Nearly free-falling at speeds up to 35MPH... and suddenly SPLASH... you're at the bottom!! Take a moment, catch your breath and you're going to want to do it all over again and again!

Kids Zone

Kids love to be around these ones because it is full of colors and has their favorite playmates- Swings and Rides alongwith their separate water pool‘water’ coming on from heights they can match.

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About Us

At Neer Nikunj, we are committed to provide the best quality of service to our visitors. We have a wide range of "Swimming Pool Slides", "Water Slides", "Fish Slide Park", "Multi Play Equipment", "Shivers", "Balloon Boats", "Crowd Puller", "Water Park Rides", "Open Body Slides", "Wave Pool, "Thriller Slide", "Anaconda Fun", "Multi Lane Slide" and more...
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